8PSK/QPSK Modem to send Images/Data via a 2.7kHz SSB channel in high speed
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The purpose of this project is to transfer data (pictures...) via a 2,7kHz SSB channel on the narrow band transponder as fast as possible. Now also including RTTY mode.

Version 0.87 Windows 10 (should work on Win7, not tested) linux Desktop PC, Odroid SBC Raspberry 4 (3B+)


  • Windopws 10 Desktop PC ... working

  • LINUX Desktop PC ... working

  • Raspberry PI 4 ... working

  • Raspberry PI 3B+ ... working, but not 100% error free in fullduplex mode (RX only or TX only is working)

  • Odroid N2 ... working

  • Odroid C2 ... working

  • Odroid C4 ... working

  • Raspberry: Raspian OS ist NOT working, instead Ubuntu 64bit is required. Or use the Beta Rapi-IO-64bit

  • Application Software "oscardata.exe" running on Windows, Linux, (possibly MAC-OS, not tested)

3rd Party Libraries

this software uses these programs:

Download alternatives

  • download from github and build from source
  • download windows installer and download Odroid and Raspberry images: https://hsmodem.dj0abr.de (Download section)

building the software for Linux

  • Linux
  1. Download from github the file hsmodem/hsmodem.sh, ONLY ! Do not clone the repository, download ONLY this single file.
  2. copy hsmodem.hs to your home directory and make it executable (chmod 755 hsmodem.sh)
  3. run the file: ./hsmodem.sh this will make download, compile hsmodem an install all required files the resulting project is in ./SSB_HighSpeed_Modem/hsmodemLinux

starting the modem and application

you need to run 2 programs, the first one is "hsmodem" which runs in a termimal without GUI. This is the modem doing all modulation and demodulation staff. The second program is the user interface "oscardata.exe". oscardata.exe starts hsmodem automatically in the background. If you want to run hsmodem on one machine and oscardata on another then deactivate the autostart in the Setup menu in oscardata.exe

  1. go into the folder ..../SSB_HighSpeed_Modem/hsmodemLinux
  2. run the software: mono oscardata.exe

tested scenarious

  • QO-100 via IC-9700, IC-7300 or IC-7100 ... working
  • Short Wave 6m band via IC-7300, IC-7100 ... working. In case of significant noise, use the lowest bit rate (3000 bit/s)


complete documentation see: https://hsmodem.dj0abr.de

vy 73, DJ0ABR